Private Medicine Begins With You!

More physicians today are turning to “Concierge Medicine” to reclaim control of their medical practice, and their personal life. Concierge medicine allows you to spend valuable one-on-one time with your patients and improve the "Quality of Care" to your patients' everyday lives. We understand your dedication to medicine and to your patient's, that is why we leave the medicine to you; while, we handle all aspects of the business.

Physicians today working in the traditional healthcare system, are not able to practice medicine the way they would like. The overall traditional healthcare system in the United States is broken, and in need of a significant change or an entirely new model. The likelihood of these changes happening any time soon, is pretty bleak. This healthcare system has failed our physicians, and their patients! Physicians want to practice quality medicine, instead of fast medicine.

One significant failure is that, Patient Care is now centered around complex diagnostics and procedures. Resulting in the Rise of Care fostering the "8-Minute Rule" or rather, doctors who only have time to capture a problem, not get to know the patient’s context. Understanding the patient’s context, and the patients themselves, often reveals the root of the issue. Consequently, doctors who practice the "8-Minute Rule" may not provide true primary care. The result, a missed opportunity to prevent or effectively treat the healthcare problem, before it turns into a crisis.

We are different than our competition. We ensure you, there are no "Cookie-Cutter Template" approaches with our work. No two practices are the same or operate in the same manner; we ensure each practice that joins Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management will have their very own tailored comprehensive plan. We create a specific detailed plan, tailored specifically towards your practice.

In Concierge Health Care having a primary care physician who: understands their patient, their needs and their history; has the time to spend with them; follows-up in a timely manner with their patient; acts as their health advocate; genuinely concerned about their patients’ well-being; is what patients are looking for today. Patients do not want to feel like a number. They want to build a close relationship with a trusted physician who will do what is right for them, instead of what is right according to the payer. Assuring themselves access to the best doctors, when care is needed. People are wanting quality medical care; Concierge Health Care is becoming the optimal choice.

If You Are A Physician Looking To Make A Difference, Contact Us!


We Offer Different Membership Platforms

Program #1 - Join Us As "A Physician Member Only" Membership

Purchase a Membership, without converting your practice. Enjoy the luxury to market your practice through Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management, without the conversion benefits. Your practice will be added to our database and will be immediately available for our Clients to select from. We will market your practice to our Clients, who will have the option to see and choose your practice for their specific needs.


Program #2 - Hybrid Membership

The "Hybrid Membership Platform" allows a physician to maintain the patients that do not join the private membership
part of the practice. These patients will continue to receive care at the practice. These patients will be seen by the physician, while the physician focuses the majority of the attention on the membership patients.


Program #3 - Full Transition Membership

In a "Full Transition Membership Platform" the patient panel pays a membership fee in order to see their physician. The patient panel size is kept small so the physician can offer extra-time and personalized services. 


We Accept and Welcome All Medical Disciplines From: Family Physicians, Surgeons, Podiatrists, Therapists, Pediatricians, Cardiologist, Oncologist, Chiropractor, Etc., to all Memberships.                                              ......................................................................................................................


Experience the Benefits of Transitioning Your Practice

Your Benefits and Advantages:

We analyze your practice from Top to Bottom.  We work with you to provide a detailed design, customized to fit your needs. Our Exclusive Conversion allows you to remain focused on patient care; while we develop, implement, and maintain, your personalized Private Health Program




Our Transition Services

Full/Hybrid Transition Benefits:

* Risk Assessment - We begin to assess your "Viability" immediately. We take a broad, comprehensive evaluation.

* Office Assessment - Your customized transition plan for your private health practice, will be exclusively designed for    you. We assess your: office overhead, office technology and software, and manage your business; as well as, manage    the needs of your patients' needs and expectations.

* Dedicated Exclusive Access - You and your patients will have direct access to our services, through your own                dedicated phone line; for you, your staff, and your patients, to reach us and communicate their needs to us. Your          patients are our #1 priority, and they will be treated that way every step of the way!

* Strategic Management’s Transition Process - The first point in strategy implementation is setting annual objectives    specifically designed to achieve: financial, marketing, operations, human resources and other functional goals. We        help you to exceed your business goals, and your patients. It is important that your practice is a success; therefore,      we have done our job.  We also offer: ongoing staff training, a personalized office handbook for your new practice,      and for your staff.

* Fair and Equitable Contracts/Agreements - We offer fair and equitable Contracts and Agreements. When your          contract expires with us; if we have not done our job, you are free to leave without additional contractual                        constraints. We do not have a non-compete clause, once your contract expires! If you choose to leave, we will                  convert your office back to its original state.  We hope you decide to renew your contract with us, and continue to        grow your business.

* Legal Counsel and Advice - Our legal counsel reviews and approves all your transition supporting documents. They    are also available for continuing updates and legal opinions on relevant private practice laws and issues.

* Patient and Physician Portal - Patients who prefer, will have control over their own health, through our patient            portal. We share diagnosis and educational materials, update patient data and schedule visits, all on a secure                platform. We provide an identity card to each patient, for their security.

* Electronic Health and Medical Records - Our centralized and user-friendly EHR/EMR is cloud-based, so you do not      have to worry about servers, backups or downtime. Enjoy patient data right at your fingertips, and update their            records in real-time through your mobile device.

* Practice Management - With an ever-expanding range of features, Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management keeps        you efficient, profitable, and compliant.

* Medical Billing Software - Boost your reimbursements with our Exclusive Billing Service. We will recoup your                outstanding claims, usually in just 30-days! We handle the payers, so you do not have to worry about unpredictable      collections.

* Billing - If you choose, we will manage all patient membership billing and collections.

* e-Prescribing and e-Labs - Prescribe prescriptions for patients, right from their chart. Organize lists of necessary          medications and local pharmacies. Place orders at the touch of a button. Order lab tests and receive the results            directly, with abnormal results flagged for attention. Attach reports to patients' charts and share with other                    physicians.

* Ongoing Patient Marketing - Our unique marketing outreach helps grow your practice, tailored directly for you. We    provide: patient satisfaction surveys, personalized quarterly newsletters and practice growth initiatives tailored for        you.

* Support and Essentials - We provide continuous support to you, your patients, and your staff, in order to build a          successful Private Health Practice.  We are dedicated to supporting our physicians through a successful transition          process and well-beyond.            


  • Increase your intellectual fulfillment/boost your income/improve your service to your patients.
  • The average practice should support an average growth rate of 3 to 5% Annually, or more.
  • Once the conversion is completed, an annual revenue stream could range between $250,000 or more (This Depends on Your Practice)!
  • Detailed practice suitability analysis/thorough sustainability analysis.
  • Integrated marketing assessment/market assessment/market study and feasibility.
  • Branding your practice - advertising and planning/public relations/communications campaign.
  • Patient advocate/patient conversion/patient satisfaction.
  • Should a Physician’s Assistant or Physician’s Extender be required, we will fulfill this requirement.
  • Determine involvement with insurance carriers – If any – To best suit your goals.
  • Stay abreast of the insurance rules, regulations and changes that occur daily.
  • Transition out of existing contractual agreements.
  • Create legal documentation for patient retainer contracts.
  • Enhance your revenue with ancillary services targeted to market demographic.
  • Ancillary Services
  • Credentialing
  • Employee Customer-Service Training
  • Recruiting Services:
    • Non-Physician Provider Recruiting
    • Physician Recruiting
    • Practice Manager Recruiting
  • Depending on the size of your practice, the typical conversion timing on average is 3 to 20 weeks or less.
  • Retirement Services 
  • Plus, Much Much More……..

Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Managements’ concierge team works with physicians in all stages of the decision-making process. We manage the conversion of your practice and offer unparalleled business resources. You can rest assure that Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management has considered all the benefits of transitioning, and we remain confident that you will avoid many pitfalls. Our concierge consultants are there with you through the entire process.

Let Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management evaluate your practice, to see if private medicine is the right business model for you.

Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management

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