Unfortunately, our current health care system today rarely provides people timely access to the right level of care. Patients have long wait times, it can take months to schedule an appointment today. Overall health care has crumbled, and has become unbearably expensive. The entire healthcare experience is fragmented. It is also an area where the patient's intake and assessment of their condition are still largely subjective, and primarily based on self-reported assessments.

Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management offers Concierge Medicine Management, a new form of medicine in which patients pay a doctor directly for enhanced medical care. In return for payment, the patient receives services such as: a guaranteed same-day or next day appointment, 24/7 access to the physician by mobile phone or pager, house calls, managed emergency room visits, and hospitalizations directed by your physician (if requested).

In addition, wellness care and preventative care are often provided. A comprehensive approach to healthcare allows time to address the unique needs of the individual.

As a member, you will receive the following:

  • Trust - Our Exclusive Physicians are active listeners, and trustworthy to talk about other factors that affect your health.
  • Care and Connection - Our Exclusive Physicians listen to their patients’ when they share personal information, and their medical history.
  • Active Listening - Patients want a doctor who respects their opinion, listens as they describe health issues and symptoms, and asks follow-up questions; in order to understand the cause of their illness, without the patient feeling interrupting or making them feel rushed.
  • Transparency - Honesty! Patients understand that doctors are humans, and that medical errors do occur. While patients usually never demand retribution, they do want a confession of the error and an assurance that the doctor is trying to fix the error.
  • Respect - Our Exclusive Physicians do not make their patients wait 45-minutes and then spend five minutes with them.
  • Effective Communication - Illness can suffocate even the bravest of souls. Diagnosis and procedures can be complicated, and a patient often feels vulnerable and helpless in the doctor's office, irrespective of their reason for being there. So, the last thing they would expect is to walk out of the office without understanding a word you said. Our physicians make it their responsibility to explain everything to their patient, in a way you understand.
  • Time - Our Exclusive Physicians spend ample time for their patients and encourage them to ask as many questions as they want during an appointment. They value your time!
  • Access - Our patients do not have to wait weeks for their lab results or make numerous calls to receive them. Each patient will have their own access to their health records, electronically.
  • Clear Instructions - Your physician will be accurate, and clear during your appointment. They will always take the time to explain and simplify technical and medical terminology.
  • Collaboration - Our Exclusive Physicians understand you know your body and life better than they do. Therefore, they talk to their patients until they understand the purpose and implications of a test, diagnosis or treatment.
  • Empathy - Empathy need not be awkward nor emotionally exhausting. Our Exclusive Physicians focus on building a powerful communication with their patients, that is often misunderstood and underused in the health and medical arena.
  • Annual Health Assessment.
  • Access to your physician 24/7 by personal mobile phone or pager.
  • Same day or next day appointments.
  • Convenient dedicated concierge office hours.
  • Appointments that begin on time, and end when your questions have been answered to your Standards!
  • Physician-to-Physician coordination of Specialty Referrals.
  • A team approach to Wellness and Prevention.

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