Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management is a private company focused on providing a sophisticated private level of physician access and service to our clients. We offer our clients a custom-tailored, health management and assessment program, with your very own concierge physician.

Our clients will have “A Peace of Mind”, knowing that they are receiving comprehensive, state of the art medical care; which, is designed to fit your individual needs and goals. We also help our clients reach their health and wellness goals; through our “Exclusive Services”. We invest in our clients, and their future.

Our participating physicians are allowed a limited number of patients to their practice. Once this limit has been met, patients will no longer be accepted to their practice. Scheduled appointments with your physician will be made promptly with same day access, when necessary. Our clients are allowed to see their exclusive concierge physician for any medical concern you may have, large or small.

You will have heightened access to your physician via; email, mobile, Skype or text messaging. In addition to private access and 24-hour/7-day communication with your physician, he/she will also help to coordinate and manage all of your health care needs with other specialists; whether they are local or out of town, they guarantee the Continuity Of Your Care. Your exclusive concierge physician and our Concierge Medicine Specialist collaborate together to supervise and ensure your care, should you need to be admitted to a hospital.

Our concierge health care partners have exceptional expertise and experience in developing concierge medical practices. This allows Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management to incorporate this advantage to both our physicians and our clients; allowing, the best possible health care experience. Your physician will also emphasize preventative care by advocating nutrition and fitness.

We carefully screen all of our Exclusive Physicians’ credentials, identification, qualifications, we perform reference checks, and we verify their background extensively. Our staff is highly qualified and they are the most talented, compassionate, and caring staff.