About Us

Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management is a nationally recognized network of primary care physicians, who have decided to dedicate their time to delivering Personalized or Concierge Medicine to those individuals who seek better medical attention and Quality Care. Each one of our Exclusive Physicians focuses on preventative care and are a patient centered practice.  

Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management is a private company focused on providing a sophisticated private level of physician access and service to our clients. We offer our clients a custom-tailored, health management and assessment program, with one of our exclusive concierge physicians.

Clients will have "A Peace of Mind" knowing that they are receiving comprehensive state of the art medical care; which, is designed to fit your individual needs and goals. We invest in our clients and help them to reach their health and wellness goals through our "Exclusive Services" with our talented exclusive concierge physicians.

Our participating physicians are allowed a limited number of patients to their practice. Once this limit has been met, patients will no longer be accepted. Scheduled appointments with your physician will be made promptly with same day access, when necessary. Our clients are allowed to see their concierge physician for any medial concern you may have, large or small.

You will also have heightened access to your physician via; email, mobile, Skype, or text messaging. In addition to the superior access and communication to your physician, he/she will also help to coordinate and manage all your health care needs with other specialists; whether they are out of town or local, guaranteeing the continuity of your care.

Your exclusive concierge physician and our Concierge Medicine Specialist collaborate to supervise and ensure your care, should you need to be admitted to a hospital. Our concierge health care partners have exceptional experience in developing concierge medical practices. This allows Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management to incorporate this advantage to both our exclusive physicians and our clients, allowing the best possible health care experience. Your physician will also empathize preventative care by advocating nutrition and fitness.

We carefully screen all of our physicians' credentials, identification, qualifications, reference checks, and we verify their background extensively. Our staff is highly qualified and the most talented, compassionate and caring staff.

How The Business Started - Becky Schloff, Founder and CEO, of Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management, an entrepreneur and visionary, who has owned and operated a variety of successful businesses throughout her career. Her core competencies are:  building cultures of clinical quality, innovation, vision, strategy, action, change management, physician engagement and alignment, building high performing teams, process improvement, sales, marketing, finance, mergers/acquisitions, management, human resources, physician retention and recruitment, managed care contracting, marketing and information technology, cost reduction and revenue growth, etc. Ms. Schloff has over 20-years in start-ups, sales, marketing, and extensive health care experience. Her largest accomplishment throughout her career has been, increasing a top Fortune 100 Corporation’s annual revenue from ZERO sales to $350 million, in a 5-year time-frame.

It was not until Becky went through her own personal medical experience that made her life completely stop her in her tracks and would change her life forever. Becky was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, one that would change her life. This information was told to her; in less than 5-minutes, during a 20-minute office visit. Once the news was delivered, the doctor simply moved on to the next patient. Shocked and dumbfounded with this news; she was unsure what to do, and where her future was going to lead her. With a million questions and no answers, she set out on her own to learn about this dreadful illness, and how it was going to impact her life. One year later, it was time to retest for the illness; as the doctors prepared to move towards medicine and surgery. When the results came back this time, it was that moment that would change her life forever. She was told that," the previous diagnosis (1-year ago) was simply an error. The previous tests actually never showed signs of this disease, and neither did the new tests 1-year later. It was simply a misdiagnosis." Her appointment was over, and they sent her home.

Becky began to share her story with others. As people began to open up and share their story; she was shocked to hear the same horror amongst a significant number of people. When she soon realized that there was one common denominator to every story, people shared with her. MISDIAGNOSIS! It was then she knew something had to be done, she knew she had to step-up and make a difference. It was then she realized that she would dedicate her life to help people get the most accurate diagnosis's and do everything possible to help others get the most accurate medical and health care. We deserve better care! We deserve the right to have options! And we deserve the right to say "NO" to any doctor we are uncomfortable with, or we don't trust!


This is how Exclusive Voices In Peace/Making A Difference Health Management began.

"Ms. Schloff, has professionally and personally, witnessed and experienced many challenges through today's traditional healthcare.  Because of this, Becky prepares her company by continuously improving her business strategies, allowing her business to thrive in today's healthcare World.  We create high-levels of medical loyalty, satisfaction, and innovating strategies; which, are designed to empower and motivate today's physicians. We build successful, accomplished practices and motive employees through strategic communication; while, maintaining high standards in clinical quality and patient satisfaction.

Ms. Schloff developed a concierge medicine management system that does not merely rely on insurance reimbursements; but, one that would promote preventative care, rather than just treating the symptoms. Our main objective is to see people before they get sick and keep them healthy. Exclusive (VIP/MD) Health Management also connects our clients who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, to our exclusive concierge physician specializing in that specific disease or disorder.

We also oversee and manage all of the paperwork, medical records, and communication, while collaborating with each one of your providers to administer a personal medical care plan. We administer all communication with your medical providers, upon your authorization. If you choose, we will also function as your primary voice for all things medically needed, amongst all providers. You will never feel like you are left alone, or unsure of your next move, medically.

Allowing you to focus on one thing - Your Health!